I had the pleasure of working with Jess Whiteaker as he provided his expertise in developing my business website through Squarespace. He is very professional and highly knowledgeable within the world of web development. He was able to develop my website based on my budget. I did not have him complete every detail as far as content and photos within my website, as I wanted to learn how to do it and manage my own website. We scheduled a few phone calls to discuss and learn how to navigate through Squarepsace before he handed to me.  He was very patient through this process. Since then, I have been managing my own website and loving it. Not only did he develop my website, he also created my company logo. Jess and I met for our first face to face meeting to go over details regarding my needs within a website for my business and what my vision was for my company logo. In no time, he was able to deliver my vision on both and I could not be any happier with his services. I highly recommend him to any business owner. 

Cassandra Cavrell
GLAM by Cass Marie

This letter is my personal recommendation for Jess Whiteaker. Until just recently, I have been Jess’ immediate supervisor as CEO of Inventables. Jess was our fulfillment operations manager.  I found Jess to be consistently dedicated to winning. Jess did whatever it took to achieve the outcome the business required.  This meant being resourceful, putting in the hours, and making sure work was error free.

Jess was the kind of employee that a manager appreciates because in addition to doing a great job and bringing a great attitude he was always improving our systems and processes. He has successfully developed several improvements to our warehouse and to our fulfillment process that reduced our cost per shipment.

Jess helped grow our operations from a one person department to a 3 person staff.  It was sad to see him leave our company but I’m excited to see him pursue his dreams.

I highly recommend Jess. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Zach Kaplan