Jess  Allen  Whiteaker

My zeal for design and its inescapable perfection began as a youngster and continued to grow and emerge during high school when I worked for my mother in her interior design business.  There, I finally had a venue and creative decision for actual clients in their multi million-dollar homes.  Seeing their faces glow after placing and decorating their homes made me happy and I knew I had to make that apart of my living. Thereafter, I developed an irreplaceable work ethic that every supervisor I have ever worked for would contest to. Time management, punctuality, customer service, organization, etc. have become my way of life and I have, and continue to, master them with great appreciation.

My wife took me to the next level when she was offered a position in Chicago, IL for her craft (politics) where some of the greatest artists are bred and born.  While there, I graduated with honors in Applied Science in Graphic Design with a 4.0 GPA from the Art Institute - Chicago. During the last 3 quarters of school, I started working for Inventables “a hardware store for designers”. Here I worked as the operations manager and also used my newly acquired graphic design skills on a number of projects. 

Now back in my home town, Phoenix, AZ, I have worked on many freelance graphic design jobs and I love economic development. So if you are in need of creative design work for your company, please check out my Freelance Work and Art Institute Portfolio pages. Then contact me to discuss your needs and receive a quote. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and I hope we work together soon.

And that hansom little fella next me is my son Remington Allen Whiteaker (RAW).